Photo by Olav Holten

Gabrielle de Bourg is a writer to many tabletop role-playing games and in 2020 she debuted as a writer of fiction, with a short story for Swedish radio. She has received multiple awards for her writing and her work. She’s also a lecturer focusing on pop culture and media, which has earned her the title of Professional nerd.

Her nerdiness is translated to a lot of passion in her work and in 2019 she received the highest award as Player of the Year from Sverok, the Swedish gaming hobby federation, for her work in making RPGs more visible and inclusive.

She’s also a familiar face in media and has been seen and heard on both radio and TV.

In her spare time she enjoys playing games, both RPGs, board games and video games, get sucked into horror movies, meet friends and create music.


Gabrielle is a versatile writer who’s comfortable writing for different mediums and she has a great love of horror and speculative fiction. She writes in both Swedish and English and has been translated to many different languages.

Gabrielle has a lot of knowledge about pop culture, media and narrative, which have made her a popular lecturer, moderator and panelist about different subjects at many different events.

Gabrielle has a lot of knowledge of inclusive work and is constantly working with including LGBTQIA and women’s perspective in her work.



For her strong passion for role-playing games, where she raises questions about gender, identity and equality. As a writer and lecturer, she works to spread knowledge about both playing and creating of role-playing games.