Photo by Olav Holten

I call myself a professional nerd – and with good reason. I’m an award-winning writer for role-playing games and in 2020 made my debut writing fiction, with a horror short story for Swedish radio. Ia lecture about Pop Culture, specilaizing in an LGBTQIA perspective. I was awarded in 2019 with the gaming federation Sverok’s highest honor, as Gamer of the Year, for my work within the role-playing community and for making gaming culture more inclusive. I'm also a familiar face in Swedish media , being seen and heard on Swedish television and radio.

I’m a recognizable name on the Swedish horror and speculative fiction scene, both for my involvement with a slew of horror and speculative media, discussions surrounding the subject matter and involvement with different events, both as a guest and organizer.

I’ve created a recognizable brand and have been called “Queen of the Nerds” and “Horror Queen” more than a few times, something I happily try to live up to. My clothes go hand in hand, where my stylistic, nerdy- and horror influenced fashion sense has created quite a bit of buzz of what I will wear next.


I’m a writer, specalizing in speculative fiction and horror. I an acclaimed writer for role-playing games, having worked with some of the biggest international properties in the industry and I've been published in both Swedish and English. I made my debut writing fiction in 2020, with a horror short story for Swedish radio.

Famous for my deep passion and knowledge of pop culture, movies, horror and games has made me a staple as a lecturer, moderator or panelist at a wide array of cultural events all around Sweden.

My expertise in pop culture and norm criticism has made me a familiar face in media, with multiple appearances on podcasts, radio, television and as a speaker at different events. 



For her strong passion for role-playing games, where she raises questions about gender, identity and equality. As a writer and lecturer, she works to spread knowledge about both playing and creating of role-playing games.